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Country Road

The Country Road always an idyllic view of the countryside and always a joy to drive through, leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the city

An original 15 x 11 Mounted Watercolour supplied in an appropriate  frame

Fairy Wood

Do you believe in Faries? Well this little spot in Elan Valley is a woodland walk that takes in a magical woodland,  streams

and this lovely little bridge.Following it leads you to the banks of Pen-y-Garreg Reserviour, Its certainly a place where Faries would be very happy.

A 13 x 9 Watercolour which is mounted and suppled with 16 x 12 frame.

Hillside Farm

I am lucky to live in Mid Wales with many Valleys and hill farms and this painting was inspired by the many farms I have passed on my walks and drives.

An original 16 x 12 Mounted Watercolour supplied in a suitable Frame

Keeping Watch

Inspired by a wild life programme on TV

An original 14 x 11 Mounted Watercolour painting supplied in an appropriate frame.

Lluest Abercaethon

This is a wonderful derelict farm building within the Elan Valley Powys.

If only it could tell the stories of the shepherds and farmers of times gone by it would be very interesting I am sure.

Such a shame as  it is getting worse every year  and it could be a wonderful  cottage again with some investment, But it has an air of mystery and individual beauty about it amongst the hills of the Valley.

A 13 x 9 Watercolour mounted and framed ready to hang

Nana paddling

Well,  I am sure we have all had a Nana who just has to paddle.

Norfolk Sailng

I have never tried this myself but it is in my bucket list

An original  14 x 11 mounted Watercolour supplied in an appropriate  frame

Norwegian Fishing Boat

Some one has to catch our fish in rough seas and brave dermined fisherman do just that.

A 14 x 11 Watercolour which is mounted and supplied in a suitable 16 x 12 frame


An Adyllic setting in scotland Painted and Photographed 100s of times and will no doubt continue to attract

artists and photographers alike.

An original 15 x 11 Mounted Watercolour painting supplied in an appropriate Frame.

Preseli Hill Farm

Farms and their buildings are always a fascinating subject. Often busy  and also very quiet.

They sit in often beautiful spots so this was an ideal subject to show a collection of buildings

settled nicely into its surroundings.

A 15 x 11 inch watercolour painting mounted and supplied in an appropriate 20 x 16 Frame.


I had great fun painting this Character agian  have the opportunity of photographing these beautiful animals

An original 13 x 9 Mounted Watercolour painting supplied in an appropriate frame


This a very picturesque inlet in Pembrokeshire and walks can be enjoyed on both sides.

When the tide is out you can walk amongst the boats moored on the sand. To top the location off there is a great family friendly Pub

A 13 x 9  image which  is mounted and can be supplied with or without a frame .

The Grebe

I love taking Photographs and have the opportunity to learn form my professional son and I have been lucky to photograph this lovely bird many times and it's always a joy to watch it.

An Original mounted 13 x 9 Portrait Watercolour supplied in an appropriate frame

The Red House

An inviting winter scene with a lovely track to hopefully a roaring log fire in the Red House.

A 13 x 9 Watercolour which is mounted  and supplied in a suitable 16 x 12 frame. 

The Spire

This was  inspired  by  the Spire from Salisbury Cathederal

An original 13 x 9 mounted  Watercolour supplied in a natural wood frame